Our Challenge

12 million people worldwide suffer a stroke every year and most of the 101 million survivors worldwide live with some disability. NoNO has a single-minded focus on protecting against the damaging effects of stroke during the emergency phase and enhancing recovery once a stroke has already occurred.

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Our Pipeline

We have long believed in the promise not only of reducing ischemic damage but to unlock the brain’s own capacity to recover from disease. Our therapeutics offer opportunities for a better life following ischemic stroke, traumatic brain injury, and other chronic neurological and neurodegenerative diseases.

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Our Science

Our lead drug candidate, nerinetide, is a first in class PSD95 inhibitor that promotes cell survival and disrupts toxic cell signals following damage to neurons. NoNO’s core technology and therapeutic targets have been validated in multiple laboratories worldwide and published in leading scientific journals.

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Our Values

“Opportunities for a Better Life”


Optimism is at the foundation of our success. Optimism is about planning and dedication. It requires having a can-do attitude. It begins with preparation, which requires discipline and focus. Preparation leads to knowledge, which is about having the right toolbox for building and creating insights. Knowledge builds confidence, and confidence only comes from discipline and hard work. Confidence inspires success. Success emerges from optimism because it is planned behaviour. Success means we deliver on Opportunities for a Better Life.


Ethics is central to our DNA. Our behaviour and decision-making are driven by the best scientific standards, honesty and transparency. We are committed to doing what is right.


We always collaborate to deliver on Opportunities for a Better Life. At NoNO Inc., we behave as a team, and continuously interact with the scientific, medical and pharmaceutical communities. Mutual trust guides our interactions. As a team, we are committed to doing what needs to get done.


Science drives our thinking from lab research to clinical trial and beyond. We scrupulously adhere to our philosophy of making decisions based on the best scientific knowledge and approach. This means that we continue to question everything, develop new and better approaches, and rigorously test all our hypotheses.


We are diligent, thorough and precise in every action we undertake. We follow a rigorous approach in every process and procedure we have at NoNO Inc. At the same time, we are open-minded to new knowledge and ideas.


We make certain that we continue to observe, investigate, research, question, learn and accurately assess in order to build insightful knowledge and understanding that can deliver on Opportunities for a Better Life.

Our Team

Michael Tymianski


President and CEO

Dr. Tymianski founded NoNO Inc. in 2003 to commercialize development technology stemming from his research laboratory. Dr. Tymianski has been the President and CEO of the Company since its inception, and has propelled its lead technologies from the discovery stage to ongoing late-stage pivotal clinical trials. While executing on the vision and strategic directions of the Company, Dr. Tymianski has assembled one of Canada’s most dynamic biotechnology discovery teams, ranging from drug and target validation, chemistry, preclinical IND-enabling research, and through to clinical operations culminating in multiple global clinical trials. He is past Head of the Division of Neurosurgery at the University Health Network in Toronto. Currently, he is a Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Translational Stroke Research and a Professor of Surgery and Physiology at the University of Toronto, providing the company with unique access to academic preclinical and clinical research teams. Dr. Tymianski was appointed as a member of the Order of Canada in December 2016.

Dave Garman


Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Garman joined NoNO Inc in 2010 after 12 years in biotechnology business development to expand the company’s capabilities in preclinical development, clinical development and manufacturing. Dr. Garman has over 30 years of experience in laboratory science and has spent the past 18 years in biotechnology, holding various positions encompassing finance, quality assurance, manufacturing, intellectual property and business development. The last 13 years of this extensive background have been focused on the development of neurotherapeutics. Dr. Garman received his PhD in Developmental Biology from Stanford University.

Corey Adams


Chief Business Officer

Dr. Adams joined NoNO in 2017 bringing 20 years of operational experience in drug discovery & development, strategic partnering, and global pharmaceutical transactions with a particular focus on the Central Nervous System (CNS). Together with the CEO, Dr. Adams directs the company’s financial and partnering operations. He began his career in the Department of Neurology at Boston Medical Center supporting a broad portfolio of CNS disease research focused primarily on neurodegeneration. He completed his PhD in Pharmacogenomics at the University of California San Francisco where he also served as Executive Director of the UCSF Innovation Accelerator spinning out technologies and companies from the University. Dr. Adams spent the next decade in business development roles incubating new ventures and leading transactions for both small biotech and specialty pharma.

Kathy Heard

MSc Pharmaceutical Medicine

VP Clinical Operations

Kathy Heard joined NoNO in 2016 bringing more than 20 years of clinical research experience. She is currently responsible for the management of NoNO’s clinical team and external partners to ensure the success of the ongoing clinical trials and the clinical portion of the CTD. She has worked in various areas including stroke, vaccines and atopic dermatitis. Prior to NoNO Inc., she was the Director of Study Management and Logistics at Sanofi Pasteur heading up the Asia Pacific team from the Singapore office, and prior to that the Canadian team from Toronto. Kathy was a key contributor of the clinical activities for the registration and launch of two blockbuster vaccines for Sanofi Pasteur in Canada and the USA as well as leading a team responsible for the study management activities of more than 20 trials. Kathy has also worked in project management with a large multinational clinical research organization. Kathy holds a Master’s in Science in Pharmaceutical Medicine and was an adjunct lecturer in clinical research at both the Karolinska Institute (Sweden) and Hibernia College (Ireland).

Michal K. Helbin

M. Sc. Pharm

VP QA, Compliance and IT

Michal holds a Master’s Degree in Pharmacy from the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland and has more than 25 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. Prior to joining NoNO Inc. as a Director Quality Assurance and Training in 2016, Michal worked for government and private companies. After graduation from Medical University in 1995, Michal worked as an Inspector at the Ministry of Health. Working at Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Michal obtained his clinical operations experience conducting 2 large cardiovascular studies in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2003 Michal was promoted to Global Quality Manager for Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Turkey and was responsible for PV compliance, Bioethics and Good Clinical Practice. In 2007 Michal was hired by ApoPharma Inc. a division of Apotex Inc. and was responsible for implementation of quality systems, internal and external audits and hosting of government inspections.

Yatika Kohli


Chief Regulatory and Strategy Officer

Dr. Yatika Kohli is an accomplished Senior Regulatory Professional with strong leadership skills, strategic foresight and business acumen. At NoNO Inc, Dr. Kohli is leading all strategic and global regulatory initiatives for NoNO’s products.
With more than 16 years of experience in Biotech/Pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Kohli has expertise in developing global regulatory and clinical strategy with project and product management across multiple modalities and jurisdictions. She led the regulatory activities for the registration and launch of two blockbuster vaccines for Sanofi Pasteur in the USA and Apotex’s first biosimilar product in Europe. As the vice-president of Regulatory Affairs and project office at Medicago Inc, she led the seasonal influenza vaccine global development program from Phase 2 to registration stage. Dr. Kohli has a Ph.D. in Population Genetics and Molecular Biology from University of Toronto, Canada and an (Executive) MBA from the Ivey Business School at Western University, Canada.

Board of Directors

Michael Tymianski


Dr. Michael Tymianski is the President and CEO of NoNO Inc., which he founded in 2003. Dr. Tymianski is the former Medical Director of the Neurovascular Therapeutics Program and Past Head of the Division of Neurosurgery at the University Health Network in Toronto. He is a former Staff Neurosurgeon at the Toronto Western Hospital and Senior Scientist at the Toronto Western Hospital Research Institute. He is a Professor in the Departments of Surgery and Physiology at the University of Toronto and he teaches and supervises medical students, residents and clinical fellows. In his research laboratory, he studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms that cause brain cells to die during a stroke, and new drug treatments for protecting the brain from being damaged by stroke and other injuries. Dr. Tymianski was appointed as a member of the Order of Canada in December 2016.

Michael W. Salter


Dr. Salter is the co-founder of NoNO Inc. In addition, Dr. Salter is the Chief of Research at The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute and holds the Northbridge Chair in Pediatric Research. He is also a Professor of Physiology at the University of Toronto and is the former Director of the University of Toronto Centre for the Study of Pain. In 2005 he was elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and in 2006 he received the Distinguished Career Award from the Canadian Pain Society. Dr. Salter is one of Ontario’s leading pain researchers. His research focuses on the genetic, cellular and molecular signalling processes leading to chronic pain in humans.
The goal is a new generation of drugs that can target and treat chronic pain and, in some instances, even repair damaged nerves.

Mark Krembil

Mr. Krembil is the President of the Krembil Foundation, a family foundation that supports medical research and child education. Previously, he was co-owner of Lewiscraft, a national Canadian retail company, and he has held a senior position in System Engineering at EDS Canada. Mr. Krembil is a graduate of the University of Toronto and currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, and is on the board of directors for Earth Rangers, NeuroScience Canada and NoNO Inc.

Greg Wolfond

Mr. Wolfond is the founder and CEO of Blue Sky Capital, a private investment company, and the Chairman and CEO of SecureKey Technologies Inc., a digital security company. Mr. Wolfond founded Footprint Software Inc., a financial software company, and later sold the company to IBM. Additionally, he founded and was CEO of 724 Solutions Inc., a wireless software infrastructure provider which he took public in 2000. Mr. Wolfond holds the 1994 award for Canada’s Best Managed Private Company for Footprint Software, and the 1995 award for Canada’s top 40 under 40. In 2000, he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year. In addition to his work with NoNO, Mr. Wolfond also sits on the boards of the Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network, and YYZ Pharmatech.

Josh Josephson


Dr. Josh Josephson is the former owner of Josephson Opticians Limited and served as the Chairman of the Ophthalmic Devices Subcommittee of the Standards Council of Canada (TC 172/SC7) from 1984-2019. He is the voting expert for for Canada at the International Standards Organization on all matters pertaining to quality control and public safety relating to contact lenses and contact lens care products and has been actively involved in developing international standards for contact lenses and related products for nearly 30 years. Dr Josephson is a founding member the International Society for Contact Lens Research and has had an extensive research career, with over 95 publications in the ophthalmic area. He has served on the scientific advisory boards of several companies, including Bausch and Lomb Inc. and 3M Vision Care and consulted for International Hydron, Allergan Ophthalmics, The Menicon Company and the U.S. military. In addition to his scientific accomplishments, Dr. Josephson is the former owner of The Cookbook Store in Toronto.

John A.K. Francis

John Francis is the Managing Director of Fraser Kearney Capital Corp., an investment company that oversees the Francis family office.  Before Fraser Kearney, he was President and CEO of Trader Media Corp., a classified media business he led for sixteen years that was acquired by Yellow Pages Income Fund in 2006.  Prior to Trader Media, he was an Associate, Mergers and Acquisitions with Castle & Cooke Inc., a public company controlled by Pacific Holding Company, the private Los Angeles based family office of David Murdock. Before moving to Los Angeles, he was an analyst in the Mergers and Acquisitions department at Goldman Sachs in New York.  John serves on the advisory board of Altas Partners, a private equity firm focussed on longer horizon private investing across various industries.  He is a director of NSC Inc., OTI Lumionics and NoNO Inc.  In addition, he is a director and past chair of SickKids Foundation and serves as chair of the investment committee for Rideau Hall Foundation.  He works actively in the early stage venture space volunteering as a G7 Fellow at the Creative Destruction Lab, an accelerator that provides mentorship, capital and networking to young entrepreneurs.  John is a graduate of Western University’s Ivey School of Business (Honours Business Administration, with Distinction, 1986) and serves on their Advisory Board.

Martin Goldfarb

LL.D., O.C.

Martin Goldfarb is an entrepreneur and a leading expert in the study of human behavior as it relates to the marketplace and society. He is a Principal at Goldfarb Intelligence Marketing. He has consulted for Ford Motor Company, Toyota Europe and Manheim (Automotive Auctions), DeBeers, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Speedy Muffler King, the Government of Canada, Scotiabank, and Trenitalia in Italy. He is currently Chairman, President and CEO of The Goldfarb Corporation, a TSX and then a NEX Board of the TSX Venture Exchange company, until it became a private corporation in 2011. Martin was a key adviser and strategist to the Right Honourable Pierre E. Trudeau. He is the author of several important books on marketing. In 1998 he was designated an Officer of the Order of Canada in recognition of his pioneering work in the market research industry and philanthropic activities.

Board Observers

Thomas O’Driscoll

– Securities Attorney

Jay Lefton

– Partner, Fasken Martineau

Scientific Advisory Board

Michael W. Salter


Dr. Salter is the Head of the Program in Neurosciences and Mental Health and holds the Canada Research Chair in Neuroplasticity and Pain at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. He is also a Professor of Physiology at the University of Toronto and Director of the University of Toronto Centre for the Study of Pain. In 2005 he was elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and in 2006 he received the Distinguished Career Award from the Canadian Pain Society. Dr. Salter is one of Ontario’s leading pain researchers. His research focuses on the genetic, cellular and molecular signalling processes leading to chronic pain in humans. The goal is a new generation of drugs that can target and treat chronic pain and, in some instances, even repair damaged nerves.

Yu-Tian Wang


Dr. Wang is a professor in the Department of Medicine and the Brain Research Centre at the University of British Columbia (UBC). He also holds the Heart and Stroke Foundation of British Columbia and Yukon Chair in Stroke Research at the UBC and Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre. In 2006, he was elected to the Academy of Sciences of the Royal Society of Canada. Dr. Wang conducts investigations into the molecular mechanisms underlying AMPA receptor trafficking and synaptic plasticity.

James W. Gurd


Dr. Gurd is Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry, University of Toronto. His research has focused on the central nervous system, including the effects of stress on the structure and function of synapses, and the effects of ischemia and seizure activity on synaptic proteins, including NMDA and AMPA receptors.

R. Andrew Tasker


Dr. Tasker is a Professor of Neuropharmacology and Jeanne and J.Louis Levesque Research Professor at the University of Prince Edward Island. His research specialties include behavioral and molecular neuroscience; the pharmacology and toxicology of neurodegenerative diseases; the development and characterization of animal models of progressive neurological dysfunction; and the development of new therapeutics for use in stroke.

Michael Hill


Dr. Hill is a Professor for the Departments of Clinical Neurosciences, Community Health Sciences, Medicine and Radiology at the University of Calgary and Director of the Stroke Unit for the Calgary Stroke Program, Alberta Health Services. Dr. Hill completed medical school at the University of Ottawa his neurology residency at the University of Toronto and a stroke fellowship and clinical epidemiology training at the University of Calgary where he was appointed to faculty in 2001. Dr. Hill’s research interests include stroke thrombolysis, stroke epidemiology, surveillance and clinical trials.


Project Lead, CMC

The Project Lead, CMC, is responsible for supporting the Analytical CMC functions at NoNO Inc., including CMC clinical supply, commercial development, marketing registration, launch and lifecycle efforts. Within the CMC group, this position reports directly to the Sr Director, CMC, and will work closely with Regulatory, Quality and Drug Supply Management to ensure smooth information flow between departments. The Project Lead, CMC is responsible for technical oversight of external analytical and testing functions to ensure an uninterrupted global drug supply and is responsible for building and supporting related sections of dossiers for marketing approval by regulatory authorities. This includes project management and interfacing directly with the drug substance and drug product CMOs as well as the CMOs/CROs for product testing for release and stability.

The successful candidate will work effectively across entire internal and external organizations to build and sustain (i) the development of multi-year project plans to supply drug for clinical studies and support regulatory marketing approval and commercial supply for drugs in multiple countries, (ii) sound project management and tracking capabilities for ensuring progress, and (iii) development of risk mitigation strategies for manufacturing and business risks. View Job Posting (Posted Dec 12/18)